Myron & Cindy Brower
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Myron R. Brower

Myron is an architect and college professor living in Scottsdale, Arizona. He holds separate degrees in Architecture and Education from Arizona State University, and a Master’s degree in Architectural History from the University of Virginia. He is currently a professor, Division Chair of Applied Sciences, and Program Director of Architectural Technology at Scottsdale Community College. He has lived in the Valley since 1968 and in the “Old Town” end of Scottsdale since 1977, embracing the Old Town culture and traditions.

Myron has been married to his wife, Cindy, since 1986; Cindy's family has lived in Arizona since the 1890's. She was born in Phoenix and grew up in Prescott. Myron and Cindy have always worked together as a team in whatever they do and are so infectiously happy that, over the years, various friends, while planning their own marriages, expressed the wish that Myron could perform their wedding ceremony. These kind wishes led him to becoming an officiant. Respecting others’ personal beliefs and life styles, Myron and Cindy will help to tailor personal, meaningful vows for the most special of days.