Opening Words
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signing marriage certificate




Of the many important plans and seemingly unending details to address in preparing your wedding, we believe that planning the perfect ceremony is at the top of the list. Your vows reflect what you and your partner feel in your heart; they should express, as best they can, the often inexpressible joy and anticipation surrounding your special day. The words you use to declare and seal your commitment to one another, witnessed by family and friends are the day's MAIN EVENT. It's with this notion in mind that we strive to create beautiful, poignant vows that will hold your guests' interest and that you will always remember.

Working as a team with you and your partner, Myron and his wife Cindy will help create your special ceremony. We will offer suggestions and examples of ideas along with a worksheet from which you can select and personalize your vows. Myron will help with his professorial "red pen" to tailor a seamless wedding ceremony.

  • Opening Words

  • Giving Away of Bride and or Groom. (optional)

  • Statement of Intent

  • Special Reading

  • Wedding Vows

  • Blessing of the Rings

  • Ring Exchange

  • Wedding Prayer or Blessing

  • Pronouncement

  • Kiss and Presentation