Happy bride & groom


It was wonderful having Myron officiate our wedding! We couldn't have found a better fit for us! He's kind, eloquent and reliable. He and his wife Cindy were very professional and assisted us with our vows, being helpful and accommodating, giving suggestions but also allowing us to incorporate what we wanted. We met prior to the ceremony and were in contact by email and phone before the big day just to make sure everything was as we wished. They were always available if we had any updates or questions. We couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out. A perfect start to our lives together!
— David and Karen Wolfert

Happy bride & groom
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With all the details demanding my attention during the planning of my wedding, the one "detail" I never had to worry about was Myron. He gave us calm, confident advice while planning our vows and was sensitive and accommodating to our wishes. He helped make our day memorable and allowed me to focus on the moment without worry or concern. I can barely begin to describe the sense of relief I felt during our ceremony. —  Kristen Lewis

Look to Myron if you want a meaningful and personal wedding ceremony. My daughter's wedding will always be remembered because of Myron. He held the ceremony with great composure and kept everyone involved. For that I am forever thankful.
—  Judy Jensen, Mother of the Bride (that's me peeking behind the wall)

Happy bride & groom

Cindy and Myron were so helpful in planning our ceremony! We had many options to build a ceremony that was perfect for us! We were involved in every step, and we were able to add our own touches. Myron's energy was very comfortable, his preparedness was on point as were his words of wisdom. Meeting those two was a blessing.
— Erika and Jaren Smith

Happy bride & groom
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Chris and Rena
Rena and Chris with their ring bearer Oreo

When my now husband and I got engaged, we quickly agreed that our ideal wedding would be small and intimate, and would take place somewhere warmer than our home town of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). We were already planning to spend Christmas in Scottsdale with our families, but we weren’t sure if we could pull off a surprise, last-minute wedding in another country. Once we found the “Old Town Preacher” website and spoke to Myron’s wife, Cindy, we knew we were making the right choice by eloping in Scottsdale on December 26, 2013.

Myron and his wife Cindy were extremely professional and helpful throughout the process. They were quick to reply to any questions we had, and were eager to ensure the ceremony was exactly what we were looking for. We opted to use one of the ceremony options included on the website, but were grateful for the opportunity to modify the ceremony to include our dog, Oreo, who served as our ring bearer. The ceremony was perfect, and we could tell that Myron and Cindy were both happy to be a part of our wedding day. We would strongly recommend Myron.
— Chris and Rena Stiebritz

Chris and Rena
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Happy bride & groom
DeEtte Photography

We had no doubt that Myron would be the perfect person to marry us! He and his wife, Cindy, made sure that we did not stress on this part of our wedding. We initially had no idea on what we wanted and they helped us tremendously with our vows – guiding us through the decision making process, helping us to decide exactly what we wanted to be said during our special day, incorporating elements of our faith and our personalities in the ceremony. They were always there for us if we needed to speak with them and went to great lengths to ensure that everything would be “perfect”. We were very excited to celebrate our love for one another and it was because of these two that the ceremony was flawless. Thank you so much for our perfect wedding!
— Ashley and Ryan Fornara

If you want a stress-free and memorable wedding, Old Town Preacher is the place to call. I have known Cindy for over 40 years and Myron since he came into Cindy’s life close to 30 years ago. Their attention to detail is immeasurable. You couldn’t meet a more kind, genuine and professional couple. They are meticulous at helping you prepare your vows for one of the most important days of your life. We had the pleasure of having Myron officiate our son’s wedding at a family ranch in Kirkland, Arizona. Myron’s words were beautiful and eloquent, making the ceremony unforgettable. I would highly recommend Old Town Preacher to anyone who would like to focus on the beauty of uniting two people as one.
— Jeannie Fornara

My fiancé and I flew into Phoenix from Guam on a Sunday, knowing we wanted to be married the next Friday. As this was our first visit to the Scottsdale area and with only four days to prepare, we were blessed to have found Myron and Cindy.. We had no idea where we would have our ceremony and after a frustrating day of not finding the right spot, I called Cindy. She and Myron suggested a beautiful private garden in Old Town Scottsdale.

We were able to get our license in the morning, and then meet Myron and Cindy at the predetermined spot for our ceremony. The connection that we felt with Myron and Cindy helped make our ceremony more meaningful, especially with the inclusion of our sons. Trusting them, we were able to find the perfect location that accommodated our small party and allowed us to truly be in the moment as we professed our vows. Afterwards we were able to take pictures and have lunch with our god-daughter and her parents who served as our witnesses. We ended the day back at the courthouse to get our official license as we were scheduled to fly out of Phoenix early the next morning. Scottsdale is a wonderful place to get married -- and Myron and Cindy at Old Town Preacher genuinely want to make your ceremony a happy memory to start your new life together!
— Kristina C. Sayama

Happy bride & groom
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We loved having Myron officiate our wedding. He and his lovely wife Cindy made everything go so smoothly. Myron’s presence truly added a special touch with both his gentle kindness, peacefulness and just the right bit of humor. He truly made our ceremony a “forever” memory.
—  Mike and Della Breen

Happy bride & groom

Thank you Myron & Cindy for putting together a beautiful ceremony for us! Joshua & I couldn't be more pleased with how the ceremony went. We received compliments on your beautiful words! May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others in every ceremony you do!
—  Adina Thuraka